Kid Bookie Talks Modern Fashion Statements

As an individual, i’ve always enjoyed the idea of being comfortable in what ever choice of clothing I choose to wear on that day, not specifically tailored to the type of event it may be, for example, no less than a week ago I was asked to come to a funeral for an Uncle called Delroy, now bare in mind the usual attire, is black suit, tie, etc. I had NONE of these in my wardrobe so I gave it the ‘fuck it’ factor and wore black Timberlands with grey straight legged jeans with a black shirt and my trade mark bandana (black was my choice), did I feel good? Hell yeah, would Uncle Delroy approve? I’m not sure but unfortunately I was looking at a casket and I don’t believe he would’ve had the ability to respond with what he may of thought.

Now put this intro the contrast of how we choose clothes for the sub cultures we feel suits our lifestyle agenda, when we speak of the ‘indie’ scene, you see some of the most fearless of individual in how they use clothes to represent their scene, it could be pink hair with a retro long matrix jacket, with nothing but a pair of Dr. Martens, but we know who they belong to and the clothing gives us a strong feeling, that this person gives zero fucks in whether they care how we perceive their attire, as long they feel comfortable in their appearance, the main goal is complete.

When I take a trip over to the ‘urban’ scene and I quote it because I fucking hate that term, you see more of the JD Sports type of clothing, track suit bottoms, strap bag, a bendy peak hat with a pair 110’s or the consistent Air Force brand of trainer, basically the typical advert you’d see someone modeling their clothes when you walk into their stores. Now, within these culture, I feel their is more of a code amongst how you follow the guidelines of it’s clothing etiquette. At a grime set, if everybody turned their back on you and put their hoods up, it’d be a game of guess who because you’d see a sea of different heights but identical clothes (I joke to a certain degree), but if someone entered that room coming from the indie scene and lets say it was the person I created as a narrative to describe it, I guarantee 85-90 percent of that room would have something to say, whether it be out loud or in their mind, the stigma of expression using clothing doesn’t seem to be one i’ve seen explored in depth.

Skaters, Goths, Grunge, we see the correlation arise through music, but the varied styles of rock music carries a different type of identity within it’s clothing. Being an individual who held strong ties to that scene as a skateboarder many years ago, I remember mirroring what I saw my favorite artists wear in their music videos, but going out with my friends a lot of them used to see the difference in my choices, my shoes were fucking huge, my jeans had holes up and down those mother fuckers and my  t-shirts were more faded than a teenage girl at her first adult disco, but I felt comfortable to a degree until I went around my ‘urban’ friends and people I didn’t know would point out the obvious differences in what I chose to wear, which I think helped me develop my individualism with my care factor on minus 10 when it comes to picking how I want to feel today.

In conclusion to all my theorems, wear whatever the fuck you want because on my tomb stone, it will not read, “Here lies Tyronne Hill, he was afraid of what people thought of him.” explore your creative mind, whether it be musically or within fashion, a limit is impossible unless you’re taught to not reach past the stars, enjoy your life and live, love and die in harmony, peace.



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