Young Bloods: Larry June

Photo/ Jesse McKnight

Kicking off this new series with an emerging West Coast hip-hop artist from Warner Brothers Records.

It happens every now and again. I will be flipping through my email and suddenly come across a really dope video. If I can find it in time, I will always try to share it. However, sometimes it still gets lost in the clutter.

I digress…

This series is about new beginnings. Its about providing a platform for up-and-coming, young, unsigned, and independent musicians to showcase their talents.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Larry June grew up around music his entire life. His mother was a singer and his father owned an independent rap label.

“My music is meant to be electrifying,” he said. “You wouldn’t expect it. I believe in the element of surprise. That’s what I’m working hard to do.”


Much like the Spanish Inquisition, June says his “chief element is surprise.” And his new music video, “I’m Workin'” off the Larry EP does just that.

Similar in some ways to Puff Daddy and the Bad Boy Family’s 2015 track, “Workin’,” June raps about the hustle in a comepletely different and unique way altogether.

Produced by Nar on the Track, “I’m Workin'” delivers a calm, sort of, laidback vibe with its slow trap beat and somewhat decipherable rhymes.

According to Complex, June said that he came up with the concept for the video from a “vision I had of me running my own orange business… oranges are addictive. Addictions are good for business. So are women. My video has all three. We workin’.”

The music video is subtly comical. “I’m Workin'” features a couple of attractive, young women lifting heavy crates of oranges and looking sexy, while June just smiles and raps about how he’s too busy hustling to kick it after a long, hard day of work.

Despite the rediculousness of the video itself, I’d give the track a solid seven-or-eight out of 10 and a worthy listen for any fan of Bay Area Hip-Hop.

To listen to more from emeging hip-hop artist Larry June, check out his website at

And be sure to stay tuned to AWMStyle for even more “Young Bloods.”

Daniel Offner

Daniel Offner is a 28-year-old journalist aspiring to be a go-to source of music, arts and entertainment. Offner is the assistant editor of The Wave Newspaper in Rockaway, N.Y. He has past experience as an editor reporter, freelancer, contributor and columnist for several digital and print media publications around Queens, Long Island and Westchester County. The first album Offner can remember listening to as a child was 'Out of Time' by R.E.M. (1991/WMG) as well as various tracks from artists such as Van Morrison, Depeche Mode, Eric Clapton and the Red Hot Chili Peppers that were sprinkled throughout his days as a youth. A New York native, born and bred, Offner had his first encounter with "The World's Most Famous Arena" before he could even walk. This was what ultimately led Offner became a devout fan of the New York Rangers Hockey Club. His lifelong passion for the sport spans well beyond 1994, when the Rangers brought Lord Stanley's Cup back home to New York for the first time in more than 50 years.


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