Interview: DYNE On The Ever-Changing Sportswear Industry

  1. What motivated you to create an athleisure based brand that heavily incorporates technology?

Look at how the athletes are dressing these days, it’s a runway show in the arena. Going to the game and then after the game, right? You’ve got Ernie, Shaq, Kenny the Jet, Charles Barkley critiquing these guys, poking fun at Russell Westbrook, but the athlete has evolved while the perception of sports has changed. People are paying attention to both at the time in a big way. We’ve embraced the lifestyle side of it – I’m not on the pitch, the court or the diamond, but these guys are athletes and their brains are programmed a certain way. They still want to be comfortable. We are owning the sport lifestyle category.

  1. Congrats on the unveiling of F/W16. Looking at the collection now, what’s different from collections in the past?

This season, well it’s spring, so the fabrics are different – lighter. I’m always about the fabric, with well thought about materials and companies that are willing to try new things. Every season we’re getting better and better and that’s down to me demanding a lot from everybody and placing expectations – it has taken time. We can really experiment now.

  1. Do you feel that social media is or is going to play a major role in building and exposing your brand.

Social media is one of those things where it is just about stockpiling content so right now we’re doing a long form two minute video, stating who we are and what we’re all about: Dyne sport is lifestyle. So we’re portraying that in the two minute video, but also we’re going to make it in LEGO by chopping it up into 15 and 30 second videos. The way social media works in Japan is different from how it works here, in the States, and we have to cater to that.

I treat social media as a tool to talk to the kids in the neighborhood. Just building an organic street team, and Instagram is a great way to do this. Kids hit me up all the time saying “I want to intern,” and I just ask how they want to do it without relocating, I just want to give them the tools to be one of our guys in their city. And all of a sudden you’re building a following of a group of bright kids who want to be a part of something big.

  1. We can see that photography plays a major role in exhibiting your product. What do you feel is the importance behind active and lifestyle photos as opposed to traditional stills.

I always try and capture the energy of the person because that brings our gear to life. The photography component is important – I have guys who can do backflips if I need them to in order to show the anatomy, shape and muscles of the body. I want everything to feel comfortable.

  1. Taking a step back, how would you describe the fashion industry as we see it today?

Streetwear is what you wear. You can put some nice shoes or sneakers, but either way, it’s how you wear it that dictates streetwear. Streetwear is a spectrum and we’re in a different chamber, just like Wu. I respect what the other brands do big time, but what we’re doing is big time.

  1. What lies in the future for DYNE?

Getting into different categories – accessories, bags – and different industries like athlete sponsorships. I want to incorporate more technology incorporation into the products itself and making it into the eyewear and socks industries. I’ll even help Elon Musk design a Tesla if the opportunity comes up.



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