Today in Fashion: The Daily Summary (July 11)

New York Sunshine Channels Elements in “Head Above Water” Collection

New York Sunshine has collaborated with John Margaritis’ “One Ton Tank” art sculpture, in order to preview their “Head Above Water” Collection. “One Ton Tank” is a 4,000-pound concrete and glass sculpture that weighs over 7,000 pounds filled with water, and now contains a line of submerged models. The “Head Above Water” collection is currently available online, and in store at the New York Sunshine Surf Club, while the “One Ton Tank” will be on display until the end of august.

visvim Unveil New Collection in ‘SENSE’ Editorial 

The highly exclusive and sought after Japanese brand has taken to SENSE magazine for yet another editorial, this time to feature their fall/winter line. Check out some of the photos below and take a look at the 2017 fall/winter collection in its entirety here.

BlackEyePatch Releases 2016 Fall/Winter Lookbook

The widely recognized “mysterious sticker squad” has transitioned from stickers, to accessories, now they enter the realm of streetwear. Pieces will be available online soon, in store next week at their Beams T pop-up shop.

Gucci Mane Is the Star of Supreme’s Latest Video

The filmmaker Harmony Korine has joined Supreme to release their latest “random” video, “Gucci Mane.” Check it out below:


Fear of God’s Latest Collab Features 65 Unique Designs

Fear of God has collaborated with Chapel NYC to release their, “Chapel of God” 65 t-shirt collection at the Maxfield store, Los Angeles today. This collection featured artists including Public Enemy, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Tupac, Metallica, Biggie, Megadeth, and Prince. Check out the mayhem at today’s launch, and the full collection here.

Bound Amsterdam Finds Inspiration From Japan in New Collection

Bound have unveiled their new collection and it is largely influenced by Japan, more specifically from the gangster movie, Kurôzu Zero. The ready-to-wear collection is now available to purchase off of Bound’s website. 

Patta Turn Attention To Brazil With Olympics Coming Up

With the Rio Olympics on the horizon, Patta has turned their attention to a Brazilian based charity, Favela Street Foundation. The jersey will retail at €70 and will release on Friday, July 15.




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