Review: Desiigner Does What We Expected On “New English”

New York rapper, Desiigner, has exploded on to the scene earlier this year by having co-sign after co-sign from Kanye West.

So much so that one of the songs on West’s most recent project is, essentially, a remix of Desiigner’s first hit single “Panda”. However, with so much hype, there was also the comparison to Atlanta rapper Future. Anyone who has heard both artists, especially when “Panda” was Desiigner’s only song, can’t that deny that Future must have had an influence in Desiigner’s sound.

Now we have an entire Desiigner mixtape, he’s signed to G.O.O.D. Music, and Mike Dean is working on some of the production. With this being the only other thing we’ve heard from him, aside from “Panda”, this would be his opportunity to prove he has his own sound.

For a project called “New English”, there isn’t anything we haven’t heard before here. As corny as that may sound, it’s unfortunately accurate. Track after track, this mixtape mostly sounds like two things: trying to recreate “Panda” and tracks that didn’t make it on to a Future project.

This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if Desiigner did Future better than, or as good as Future. But instead of sounding like Future in “March Madness”, Desiigner ends up sounding more like Future’s feature in Drake’s song, “Grammys”.

To be fair, not every song here sounds like a Future song. On “Make it Out” he displays his energy in an aggressive delivery that shows his potential as a performer, but the basic bars and generic beat keep the track from being all it can be. Then on “Overnight” he sounds like what can only be described as a very sleepy Travis Scott, using the deep autotune vocals La Flame is known for.

It should be noted that Desiigner is very new to rap, and it usually does take artists a while to carve out their sound. However, it is undeniable that this first mixtape is extremely derivative of Future’s style from the delivery, to the lyrical content, to the production.

Grade: D+

Similar Sounds: Future, Travis Scott

Highlights: “Panda”, “Make it Out”, “Jet”

Lowlights: “Caliber”, “Shooter”, “Monsters & Villains”, “Talk Regardless”

Jose Alberto Orive


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