Sprite Unveils Second “Obey Your Verse” Campaign

Sprite has just launched the second iteration of its “Obey Your Verse” campaign, which features hip-hop artists J Cole, Missy Elliott, and Tupac emblazoned on Sprite cans accompanied by some of their most powerful and meaningful lyrics.

A definitively cheeky play on Sprite’s slogan, “Obey Your Thirst,” this campaign will include lyrics from J Cole’s “Love Yourz” as well as Tupac’s “If I Fail”, among other songs.

This is a follow-up to the first release of “Obey Your Verse,” which dropped last summer, featuring impactful artists such as Drake, the Notorious B.I.G., and Nas.

With this release, the soda giant is attempting to make the campaign more enticing and interactive, and is giving out rewards (such as concert tickets or signed items) to some of those who post pictures of themselves with the cans and upload them to Sprite’s website.

There are 16 cans in all, check them out below:


Chaz Vest

Teenage journalist and entrepreneur living in NYC.


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