Review: Vic Mensa Displays Potential On “There’s Alot Going On”

For the small amount of music we’ve gotten from him, Vic Mensa has managed to stay relevant for a surprising amount of time.

The last body of work the Chicago native released was his mixtape, “Innanetape”, back in 2013. Since then, it seems as if Vic Mensa has been putting in work behind the scenes rather than out in the public. Getting signed to Roc Nation and becoming heavily affiliated with Kanye West through their hit single, “U Mad”, has put a lot of eyes on the up-and-coming artist.

With his debut album, rumored to be titled “Traffic”, dropping some time soon, Vic Mensa drops this brief Extended Play (EP), “There’s Alot Going On”, to catch us up on where he is at musically.

This EP does exactly what a short project before an album should do for an artist: show potential. For the most part, he demonstrates that he can comfortably work with hip-hop’s current trends with tracks like “Danger” and that he has technical prowess in songs such as “Dynasty”.

However, when Vic Mensa gets political, this EP really makes an impression on the listener. A definite highlight would be “16 Shots”, an energetic and passionate song about a few specific cases of police brutality. His delivery comes off very genuine and it’s clear to see that Vic Mensa believes in what he’s taking a stand for.

It is commendable for an artist to express his political views in such a heartfelt way. However, aside from the politically charged content, this EP doesn’t bring anything refreshing to the table.

No song is particularly bad, but most of them find Vic Mensa sounding eerily similar to some of his friends. The chief example of this is “Liquor Locker”, with an instrumental and subject matter that sound like they got scratched from the newest Ty Dolla $ign album. It sounds so much like a Ty Dolla $ign song that he even gets a featured verse at the end to remind you.

So even though he still needs to work on carving out his own sound, this is still an enjoyable collection of songs. The young Chicago activist definitely has a lot of potential to impress in his debut album.

Grade: B-

Similar Sounds: Ty Dolla $ign, Travi$ Scott, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper

Highlights: “Dynasty”, “16 Shots”

Lowlights: “Liquor Locker”

Jose Alberto Orive


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