Interview: Unknown London On The Basement, The Spectrum and The Future

If you don’t know who Unknown London are, you need to.

They are a U.K. streetwear brand making movements in the industry. They sell everything from oversized sweaters to zip-up sherpa hoodies. We caught up with the founders Joe Granger and Callum Vineer to find out more about the brand.


Give me some background, when and where did you start the brand?

So we started the brand on the 4th of December. So it it’s a pretty new venture for us. We started off just selling distressed hoodies and at the time that was pretty in and we had a pretty low price point. Everyone loved it really.

Looking at the website, there is nothing really about the brand, is that why it is called Unknown or is it just a coincidence?

Suppose it is just a coincidence really and the fact that we haven’t actually been going that long. We mainly called it Unknown due to our minimal branding, nothing too in your face.

Since the brand begun you were selling distressed hoodies and now it has moved on to velour, sherpas and stuff like that. Would you say the brand style has stayed true to how you started or do you think it has drastically changed?

No, it has stayed along the same track we started with, mainly streetwear, but definitely improved and developed, gone a level ahead.

You’re both in The Basement, would you say it has been fundamental to your growth and success?

Yeah definitely, it is such a good platform for initial growth. The people in The Basement are our ideal target audience, so it’s a great way to get exposure to the people who want to see it.

After beginning in The Basement and advertising in The Basement, you became an affiliated brand, how did that come about? You’ve moved on and were even in the basement room at Crepe City, why did you decide to do that?

Thats just who our market was. We became a well known brand just naturally, it wasn’t really a decision; it just happened. They offered us a place in their room and it was a no-brainer to take it.

Your brand was at Crepe City, will we get to see a pop-up store any time soon? Or any store at some point?

It’s definitely something we ‘re working towards. Possibly Box Park in Shoreditch, that’s a good venue. We’ve looked into getting a store there for a week or so.

Other British brands such as Represent and ADYN have become hugely successful over the last couple of years, do you set goals to become as big as them? How big do you want the brand to get?

We aim to be as big as those brands, we see huge things for our company, and many of our fans and customers do too. There’s definitely a place in the market for a brand carrying our ethos of affordable, current, high quality clothing.

With the various spectrums of streetwear, YEEZY Season to Supreme, where do you fall? You want to make that market your own?

There is nothing really where we are at the moment; we feel there’s a new market for what we’re doing. Brands like Supreme and Palace are purely skate streetwear, and Represent are high end wear, there’s nothing really in the middle.

People might like both, but it is hard to find a good way to wear stuff like a Supreme box logo with longline and distressed streetwear?


Can we have any information on upcoming launches and where the brand is going in the future?

The longsleeve Polo shirts on display at Crepe City, we’ll be releasing those next week. We’ve also got corduroy hoodies and more coming in a unseen capsule collection. And of course many more releases up our sleeves, but we can’t talk about those.

Some final words from Joe and Callum:

We want to start releasing capsules over the year instead of seasons. In terms of the products, we now have our own supplier abroad and get our products custom made with our own fittings. Already having an office and warehouse is going to allow the brand to progress and grow as fast as it needs to.

That’s it from Joe Granger and Callum Vineer; the founders of Unknown London. You can check out their website here and be sure to keep an eye out, there are big things to come.

Photographs courtesy of

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.

2 thoughts on “Interview: Unknown London On The Basement, The Spectrum and The Future

  1. Callum and joe work hard at what they are good at, keeping their fingers on the pulse of current and future clothing trends, producing quality high end products.



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