The Rise of Metal Mania

Similarly to technology, fashion is known to be a fast paced business.

The idea of what is “fashionable” and what is not, is something that has repeatedly changed throughout time and continues to do so. But differently from technology, where past creations become obsolete, in fashion there is a tendency of going backwards and forwards, with old styles resurfacing as stylish.

Looking at the fashion spectrum this year, there is no other trend that exemplifies this more than the return of metal iconography.

A popular style during the 1980s, with figureheads such as Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, this daring and eclectic style has gained unimaginable popularity. Beginning from contemporary brands such as that of Supreme, whom have released a collaboration with Black Sabbath, and Vetements, whose new collection features a bleeding flaming logo over a gothic skull, the world of fashion is experiencing an incessant “metal mania”.

The leaders of these movements, many have argued, are Hedi Slimane, Kanye West and, in some ways, Justin Bieber.

Slimane, who until recently was the creative director at Saint Laurent and the one responsible for bringing the French fashion house back to its popularity, has been a dramatic force of change in rejuvenating the brand and in giving momentum to the whole Rock “N” Roll movement through his clothing lines, campaigns and catwalks.


Although not the visionaries this revolution, West and Bieber’s popularity and their acute and unique senses of style have greatly contributed to the movement’s success. Kanye’s The Life of Pablo merchandise, featuring gothic script by Los Angeles artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt that echoes Dio’s iconic logo, his Yeezus tour apparel, which included a take on Metallica’s pointed signature, and Bieber’s custom Metallica and Nirvana tees, have been profoundly influential in the spreading of this “metal mania” among the youngsters.


The industry has shifted away from the provocative and flamboyant street wear style that was epitomized by brands such as Hood by Air, moving to brands and designers who embody more the essence of this movement, such as Jerry Lorenzo, with his capsule consisting of t-shirts for Bieber’s “Purpose” tour, and brands like Vetements, Philippe Plein, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen.

Will this movement last long? What movement will the fashion world come out with next? No one can truly predict, one can just wait and make sure to re-adjust their closets to fit with the latest style.

Filippo M. Fabrini


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