Ranking The Top Ten Supreme x Nike Collaborations

We’re back with another top ten.

Moving away from box logos and The North Face collaborations, we have headed over to footwear and compiled our top ten Supreme x Nike collaborations. The choice on offer was endless and spanned well over a decade but it has been narrowed down to a top ten. Let’s get started.

10. Air Jordan 5 – 2015


This iteration of the Nike collaboration saw Supreme take on an Air Jordan silhouette and they went for none other than the Jordan 5. It took on three color ways and captivated many alongside a range of Air Jordan collaboration clothing. The camouflage was a fan favorite and the re-sell price gives it a decent bang for its buck.

9. SB 94 (2nd release) – 2011


This was the first time that Supreme designed the same sneaker twice. The SB 94 returned but with a twist; both pairs looked like Timberland boots. They look rough and ready but this pair has receded into Nike x Supreme history.

8. Air Max 98 – 2016


The newest collaboration makes it in to the top ten with good reason; Supreme decided to take on its first Air Max. This sneaker was leaked months in advance but it was worth the wait for those who couldn’t reach it early. Four color ways, one being a textured snakeskin that everyone wanted to get their hands on.

7. Air Foamposite 1 – 2014


This release was so popular that it got shut down by the New York police. Accompanied by a patterned basketball kit it was something that stood out from the crowd. The Air Foamposite 1 was a sneaker that became infinitely more popular than it already was once it had a Supreme collaboration.

6. Air Force 1 High – 2014


The second time Nike collaborated on the Air Force 1, but this time they worked on the high variation. Emblazoned with ‘Supreme World Famous’, this stood out from the crowd, especially in red. It made a radical change from the previous Air Force 1 collaboration, which was great to see. Also nice to see Supreme again collaborating on a non-skate shoe.

5. Dunk Low Pro SB II – 2012


This variation on the first ever Supreme x Nike collaboration is what gets this sneaker in the top five. Back with the elephant print and the black changed to red, this was new enough to get excited about, but also nostalgic enough to make everyone remember where it all started ten years earlier.

4. SB Tennis Classic – 2013


This sneaker shows what attention to detail is all about. A great mix of leather patterns made sure this sneaker was recognizable; but only to those who would know what to look for. Not too much Supreme branding and pretty inconspicuous, apart from the volt pair. There had to be one that stood out.

3. Flyknit Lunar 1+ – 2013


Supreme went in a whole new direction with this collaboration and it was great. At a time when athleisure was taking off, Supreme collaborated on a shoe you couldn’t skate in, but who cares? It was a great silhouette, subtle colourway and had Supreme branding. They were on to a winner.

2. Air Force 1 – 2012


The first Air Force 1 collaboration sneaks in to the top two and for good reason. That scare of getting creased Air Force 1’s was cured by the use of canvas and they were kitted out in rugged color ways that would always look great. Lastly, a gum sole and that infamous red tag finished off a great collaboration.

1. Dunk Low Pro SB – 2002

Only right to finish this top with the sneaker that started it all. This sneaker wasn’t the kind of thing that would have caused people camping for days like it would now. But this sneaker started a partnership that has been going for fourteen years and seems to be showing no signs of slowing up. This is the rightful number one.

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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