Death Grips Release New Album “Bottomless Pit”

Death Grips, the experimental duo from California, have just released their fifth studio album, “Bottomless Pit”. This didn’t come as a surprise to most, however, as the album was leaked in its entirety on April 29.

Even though the group announced that they were to disband back in 2014 after the release of their fourth studio album “The Powers that B”, they came together for listeners once again, even announcing an upcoming world tour.

After a solid performance at Coachella, the group seems to be headed in the right direction, so long as they don’t break up again.

Check out the tracklist and Bottomless Pit below:

  1. Giving Bad People Good ideas
  2. Hot Head
  3. Spikes
  4. Warping
  5.  Eh
  6. Bubbles Buried in the Jungle
  7. Trash
  8. Houdini
  9. BB Poison
  10. Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood
  11. Ring a Bell
  12. 8080808
  13. Bottomless Pit



Chaz Vest

Teenage journalist and entrepreneur living in NYC.


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