What We Can Hope For From “Chance 3”

With Chance The Rapper’s Facebook post a week and a half ago reading,”10 damn days,” fans were on the edge of their seats. Yesterday, Chance The Rapper continued to excite fans with the eventual unveiling of what is likely the cover for his new mixtape “Chance 3”, release date pending.


The cover was very reminiscent of both his “10 Day Mixtape” and “Acid Rap,” featuring just a profile of himself. The link to his site, however, said nothing of the album, but rather was just a place to buy posters of the likely album cover.

Last night, Chance The Rapper made the announcement that the mixtape would either be announced, or released, following his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 5. With that in mind, it’s time to ask how the album will size up to his last two mixtapes, and the painful flop that was “Surf”.

“10 Day Mixtape” was Chance The Rapper’s debut mixtape, and established his identity as a rapper with a nice flow and timelessly catchy beats, while also seeing his softer side in tracks such as “Prom Night”. This album had many features who were likely childhood friends of his, and many of whom are now members of The Social Experiment. This album was very low budget, as evidenced by average audio mixing, but gave us a peek into what Chance The Rapper had the potential to do, much of which he did in his follow up mixtape, “Acid Rap.”

“Acid Rap” was a hit.

Through and through, this album is one of my all-time favorites up there with the currently MIA Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” and “The College Dropout”. We saw Chance The Rapper’s evident development in lyric intricacy and meaning in songs like “Lost”, “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, and “Acid Rain”.

Those tracks revealed a darker side of Chance The Rapper. We see his struggle with drugs, and his struggle to relate to his family, which was previewed on the cover of the mixtape, a portrait of a seemingly troubled man. However, this album was certainly not all dark, as Chance The Rapper kept his lightheartedness in “Interlude” and “Favorite Song”. This album had solid features with Action Bronson and Childish Gambino, as well as great production, which made every song even better.

We can only pray that “Chance 3” will not even be in the same realm as “Surf”.

This was Chance The Rapper’s only album with The Social Experiment, and hopefully he realizes that this was a failed experiment. While there were a couple highlights in “Sunday Candy” and “Familiar,” but this album was hopefully an outlier in his career.

“Chance 3” will hopefully include a little of everything. If anything can be revealed by the cover, it is that this album won’t be as dark as “Acid Rap”. I expect to hear at least one softer song (likely about his daughter) and possibly newly released songs like “Angels” and “Somewhere in Paradise” could end up on the album. Inevitably his flow has been taken a step further, which we can see in his recent features (“Ultralight Beam”, “Need to Know” and “Broad Shoulders”, which he made with his brother).

Hopefully “Chance 3” will surpass everything Chance The Rapper done to this point because with his potential, this album has no ceiling.

Aidan Larned


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