Represent Clothing Open Pop-Up Shop in London

Words by Ankit Mehra, Photography by Will Mayer

A brand that has captured the imagination of a British consumer group, Represent Clothing opened their doors for seven days only, on 4 Upper James Street in London, England. AWM was on site to check out the store and talk to the men behind the brand. 

Stocking a wide array of denim basics, biker jeans, sweaters, shoes, bomber jackets and accessories, Represent Clothing put past, present and even some exclusive pieces on display in the pop-up shop. “We have a lot of online customers in London, but we want to give them the feel and the touch of the clothes, and to be honest, it’s been brilliant because literally everyone who’s walked in has bought something because they’ve been able to see it and feel it,” Founder George Heaton said.

Heaton cites stockists as the basis for opening the pop-up shop. “For us, because we’re online, we have a lot of stockists around the world, but not that many in England, which is why London was so important. A lot of brands these days display their products online and it’s not what they come as. We’re not like that, everything we shoot is our stuff, but obviously when you’re online you don’t know whats coming,” Heaton said.

In terms of the content the brand looks to put out, Heaton described it as “we’re definitely on trend with content such as Yeezy Season and collections like that, but the reason we stay on trend is because that is what sells. The only way to grow your brand is to sell what’s on trend because when it’s on trend, more people buy it.”

Take a look at some pictures from the store below, and be sure to go to 4 Upper James Street, W1F 9DG in London, England to check out to the pop-up shop that will run until May 4.



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