Crepe City: Europe’s Largest Sneaker Convention

Words by Jonathan Sheves, Photography by Jacob Montgomery

Crepe City 2016. A deserted brewery infested with sneaker admirers looking to boost their collections by adding streetwear related staples to their arsenals.

Stalls of tables topped with shoes worth up to £10,000 swamped the location, but the event wasn’t solely (pun intended) about young collectors keeping an eye out for steals, or veterans looking to rip off an unsuspecting rookie, but rather a social gathering where sneakerheads of all variations came together and enjoyed themselves to their maximum capacity. Beers were drunk, zoots were bunned and laughs were laughed.

Here’s what I thought of this years Crepe City:

Location: 9/10

The Old Truman Brewery came through once more. An outside patio where the partakers had a pint or two before going back inside was my personal highlight. The main hall was well ventilated (unlike last year), and most could actually bare being on their feet for two to three hours. Also, the service seemed as if it were majorly improved on last years, making PayPal gifting a very realistic payment option. A tip of the hat to the event organizers. My only complaint was that the food was a little lackluster on this occasion .

Sneakers: 10/10

Never seen anything like it. Supreme Foamposites, Nike Air Mags and even Undefeated Air Jordan IVs worth £10,000 were all listed for sale yesterday. A selection of runners were widely available throughout the event, with many Air Max 1’s and Saucony’s on people’s agendas. I personally couldn’t resist a deadstock pair of Camouflage Supreme Air Force 1s. The quality on the much seen silhouette astounded me, and even though the price tag was a little hefty, a highly limited shoe that was released four years ago and had never been worn was hard to turn down.



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