Pharrell Williams Releases Adidas Originals Collection “Pink Beach”

Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals are releasing their “Pink Beach” Spring/Summer 2016 collection; comprised of bright clothing and an array of footwear.

After immense success on previous collaborations between the two parties, they can only hope this collection will be half as big of a hit.

This collection showcases Adidas technology and experimentation pair with bright artwork by Pharrell Williams. “Pink Beach” is going to drop in two parts; the first drop sees the embroidered shirt and short combo drop kitted out in an olive green hue. This will release May 5th. Accompanying this is the collection’s “Love Frequency” blouson, a sport jacket), available in black with the code 528HZ embroidered on the back.

This comes from the famous frequency said to create healing vibrations for the mind, body and soul.

Alongside the clothing drop the collection will include two very distinctive sneakers that will be sure to catch the eye. There is the Stan Smith Elastic Slip On and Elastic Lace Up which have Nubuck heels and stretch patch-tape uppers. These are available in white with green heel tab or a stripe option.

The second release, on May 12, opens up the collection, releasing products to cater for everyone. There are bikinis, tanks, tees, culottes, shorts, jackets and leggings. There is also a poncho made from water-resistant mesh.

The collection releases at all adidas Originals and Billionaire Boys Club flagship stores, at other selected retailers and online.

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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