Off-White Fall/Winter ’16 Up For Pre-Order

High end streetwear brand Off-White just put both their mens and their womens collection online for pre-order at the European retailer Antonioli.

Taking a look at the collection and comparing it to the earlier ones, one quickly realizes that Virgil Abloh and his team are more and more trying to rely on the silhouettes themselves other than the iconic white stripes which, in my opinion, really shows how far they evolved design-wise by taking both inspiration from the past but also trying new things.

However, a lot of people also think that here and there Virgil Abloh was too¬†inspired by the past, in this case Raf Simon’s FW’02 collection, which first had the “Nebraska” design on it’s t-shirts but now has been recycled.

Nonetheless, the will to experiment on their silhouettes also makes the brand a lot more respectable in high end fashion and will only lead to more recognition in the future.

You can now pre-order pieces from the collection here.


Kevin Bozkurt


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