Pigalle Releases “EROS” Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Pigalle released their official Fall/Winter 16 collection in Tokyo last week, branding the line as their “EROS “collection.

Stéphane Ashpool decided to release the line due to the the Parisian brand’s store opening in the infamous Shibuya district of Tokyo, an area of the Japanese capital known for its streetwear related stores.

The collection is once again one full of bright and “out there” colors, which go along with Ashpool’s perception of menswear, ranging from glamourous overcoats to lavishing sweaters.

The brand is perhaps best known for its multiple collaborations with Nike, and has been turning heads for a number of years now.

You can see the full collection from the runway show below:


Jonathan Sheves

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but raised in London, England, Jonny Sheves had no choice but becoming a Football (or soccer) fanatic. He has owned a season ticket at Chelsea since he was 6, and follows his team domestically and internationally, by going to all of the teams Away games. Apart from being an avid Chelsea fan, as well as following major European Football, Sheves has developed an interest in the ever-growing MLS, specifically, the new franchise, NYCFC. Follow him on twitter @jsheves.


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