Deluxe Edition of “Always Strive and Prosper” Contains Two New Tracks

With A$AP Ferg having released his sophomore album “Always Strive and Prosper” on Friday, the Best Buy deluxe edition of the album has arisen and it features two bonus tracks.

The first bonus track, “Don’t Mind”, features French Montana and Fabulous, while the other track, “Back Hurt”, features Migos.

With “Don’t Mind” containing only New York artists in French Montana, Fabulous and of course A$AP Ferg, the track is meant to act as a high energy, club anthem sound that has taken over the New York hip-hop scene in recent years.

“Back Hurt” sees A$AP Ferg revert to his normal aggressive, street sound after a varied flow over the course of “Always Strive and Prosper”,¬†which is emphasized over a minimalistic, trap oriented beat. The track also contains one the albums best lines in “I’ve never had a ghostwriter/I’m afraid of Casper”.

You can listen to both tracks below:

Ankit Mehra

Having grown up in the bustling streetwear and hip-hop melting pot that is New York, and more recently being exposed to the rising streetwear and grime scenes of London, Ankit encompasses the transatlantic culmination of pop culture that AWM preaches. As a co-founder of the site, Ankit's aim is to produce content across all spectrums of hip-hop and fashion.


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