Remembering Prince: Top Five Songs

Yesterday, innovative artist and musical legend Prince passed away at his home in his state of birth, Minnesota. Prince was considered to be one of the best musicians of all-time, with hit albums spanning almost four decades and 100 million records sold worldwide. To commemorate his life and unique musical style, we’ve put together a list of Prince’s top five songs.

  1. “Little Red Corvette”

Recorded in 1982, this song was a part of Prince’s fifth studio album, “1999″. The music video was one of the first by a black artist to be played in heavy rotation on MTV; the actual song combines a slow synth buildup and a rock chorus to deliver its emotional message. The song occupies the 108th position in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time,” and ranks third in Acclaimed Music’s best songs of ‘82 list.

  1. “Let’s Go Crazy”

The song, released in 1984 as the opening track for Prince’s sixth studio album “Purple Rain,” draws from his religious background. It is generally viewed as an expression of the necessity of Christian values, making subtle references to the Devil and the afterlife. The song combines an organ solo with heavy guitar to create a contradictory, yet engaging beat.

  1. “Purple Rain”

This was a hard one to place, as it is arguably Prince’s best song. It won him an Oscar for Best Original Sound Score, was certified Gold by the RIAA, and was a part of the soundtrack for the 1984 film of the same name. This song showcases Prince’s wide variety of musical abilities with usage of multiple instruments and an incredibly large vocal range. It is considered by many to be one of his signature songs, and has touched the hearts of fans worldwide.

  1. When Doves Cry

When most people think of Prince, this catchy beat is usually the first thing that comes to mind. “When Doves Cry” is potentially Prince’s most recognizable song, and tells a heartfelt story about love and parental difficulties. Released as part of “Purple Rain”, his sixth studio album, this song saw great commercial and cultural success, ultimately being ranked by Billboard as the best single of 1984.

  1. I Wanna Be Your Lover

It may not be his most popular record, or his best selling, but “I Wanna Be Your Lover” was the first hit that Prince produced, and it set him off on the path to an amazing career. It represented his resilient nature as an artist. Even though his debut album, “For You”, didn’t produce any hit singles, Prince was able to rebound with the creation of one of the most successful songs of his early career.

Prince’s music defined a generation, exemplifying talent, prowess, and musical energy. Rest in peace to one of the legends of our time.

Chaz Vest

Teenage journalist and entrepreneur living in NYC.


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