Noah Add New Pieces To Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Having a quick rise to succession, Noah continues to establish itself as a new brand in the industry. Today, the brand has released more pieces to what is already an extensive spring collection.

Collaborating on a series of shoes with British shoemaker George Cox, Noah has also released new t-shirts, button ups, twill pants, and caps.

Founded in 1906, George Cox, the creeper shoe became a staple for artists such as the Teddy Boys, Vivienne Westwood and Sid Viscous.

Noah has now taken Cox’s Popboy silhouette and added soft pastel hues, giving the shoe a minimalistic touch. The shoe is available in blue, pink and brown and will retail at $298.

Praying Mantis’ “A Cry for the New World” inspires the script on the collection of t-shirts that also include either eyes or lips on the back of them. The new outerwear features a Check Trucker Jacket in pink or navy blue. Noah has also released a twill warm up pant that comes in aqua, navy, black or pink. In terms of new accessories, the collection includes a series of Royal Ocean Caps in gold, white, red or navy. Prices of the new pieces range from $48 to $328 and are currently available online alongside the shoes.

Ankit Mehra

Having grown up in the bustling streetwear and hip-hop melting pot that is New York, and more recently being exposed to the rising streetwear and grime scenes of London, Ankit encompasses the transatlantic culmination of pop culture that AWM preaches. As a co-founder of the site, Ankit's aim is to produce content across all spectrums of hip-hop and fashion.


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