Ranking The Top Ten Supreme x The North Face Collaborations

This season marks the sixteenth season of collaborations between Supreme and The North Face.

It is clearly a relationship that has stood the test of time, and style. It provides Supreme fans with clothing for all weather and that along with great designs is what makes these jackets so desirable. So with there being a huge variety to choose from, we have decided to rank them. Now, you don’t need to agree with the rankings, but here is what we think.

10. Spring/Summer 2016

Yes, it only came out last week, but a change of style is so nice to see from this collaboration. We are so used to seeing Expedition pullovers or Nuptse’s that the introduction of Steep Tech in to this collaboration just couldn’t be left out. The intriguing design and nice (lets ignore that blue and yellow) colorways is what gets this in to the top ten.

9. Spring/Summer 2012

This collaboration isn’t very popular due to the lack of typical sleeve branding. But that is what also makes this collaboration so great; a Venture Parka with an all-over map print. Both colorways are tasteful yet can really be recognized and can look amazing in certain outfits. Not for everyone, but fitting for number nine.

8. Fall/Winter 2014

Next up is the ‘bandana’ that everyone loves. This collaboration was one of the ones that strayed away from block colours and it was a huge hit. It is just that something different that makes this so great – that and along with it being on the great Mountain Parka coat that The North Face has been making for decades.

7. Fall/Winter 2008

As only the second ever Supreme x The North Face collaboration, this denali collaboration is the OG along with the first ever collaboration the year before. Highly contrasting colour blocking on a fleece jacket was always going to divide opinions. But now the resell value is huge and for good reason. You won’t see one of these for sale often.

6. Spring/Summer 2015

Denim. Two part collaboration. This season had the denim Dot Shot Parka and also packable Coach Jackets. The Coach jackets are not much to get excited about but the denim jacket is perfect for if you want to flex that double denim. Plus, its extremely functional. The fact you don’t see a great denim jacket made by The North Face everyday is what gets this easily in to the top ten.

5. Spring/Summer 2014

The infamous ‘Maps’ Expedition Coaches Jacket, along with the rest of the collaboration, sneaks in to the top five, and for good reason. this was one of the first times that Supreme ditched subtle color blocking for bright colors, huge patches and big branding. But it really did look amazing and these jackets are grails for Supreme fans all around the world.

4. Spring/Summer 2011

You might be seeing this collaboration and thinking of Ian Connor. Well, people rated this collaboration of pullover windbreakers before he made it even more hyped. The colorways on this are nice and plain with minimal branding (as these collaborations go) and that along with some Ian Connor endorsement is what has skyrocketed the price of this collaboration over recent months.

3. Fall/Winter 2012

This collaboration is the epitome of understated style. Dark colors and typical branding looks great on these corduroy Mountain Parkas. Corduroy is not your standard jacket material and Supreme fans everywhere recognized that along with that Supreme tag on the arm; this collaboration just brings that something extra to get excited about.

2. Fall/Winter 2010

In the runner up spot of our top ten is another Mountain Parka in the form of the Waxed Mountain Parka (the same material used by Barbour for their hunting jackets). Again, very functional, very understated and something very desirable. You know that great material paired with good The North face quality and Supreme branding is a recipe for success. This collaboration really is up there with the best.

1. Spring/Summer 2010

The greatest of all time. This collection marked the return of the collaboration after a two year hiatus; it was worth the wait. There were three Expedition pullovers in black, royal/red and duck camouflage. These fully waterproof taped seam pullovers are the perfect item to flex in a rainstorm. James Jebbia said he wanted to make clothes for entire wardrobes. Well this collection is the perfect partner for any outfit.

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.

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