Interview: ADYN Is at The Forefront of British Streetwear

I first discovered ADYN just over a year ago by chance when looking for British streetwear brands; I remember that I loved the mix of great design and an equally good price point.

But how have ADYN become a main player of British streetwear and what are they planning to do in the future? Well clearly ADYN believe that good quality speaks for itself and I can confirm that the quality really is second to none.

Additionally, attention to detail goes a long way and this is what has brought ADYN to the top of British streetwear in only three years. But I didn’t want to just speak about ADYN and not have any say from the brand so I got in touch with them. Below is a short interview with ADYN about the brand, their heritage and their future:

Q. Is it correct that the name originated from the word ‘androgynous’, and if so why did you choose that word?

Yes, ADYN originated from the word ‘androgynous’ . The literal definition of the word is:
an·drog·y·nous – Being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behaviour.

We wanted the product to have a universal appeal to both men and women, but our designs always come from a more masculine perspective.

Q. In an industry where a lot of brands change their style to keep up with current fashion, why do you buck the trend and stay true to your roots?

We feel its very important in building our brand that we remain true to our original vision and develop from there.  We have worked hard on creating the ADYN DNA and it’s essential that that runs through everything we do.

Q. A lot of brands do not like the term streetwear; how do you feel about it?

I think brands dislike the term streetwear because it has become so commonly used these days. Every other brand is a ’streetwear’ brand and the true heritage of streetwear brands have been watered down by this, making the substance within them questionable. By calling yourself a streetwear brand you can sometimes get lost within the crowd and unfortunately not be taken so seriously.

Q. Following that, where do you feel you fall on the spectrum of streetwear?

We like to think that we have one foot in streetwear and the other in contemporary, leaning more towards the latter.

Q. How much do you try to show your British roots and heritage through your clothing?

Since we started three years ago we have always produced the bulk of our product in the UK.  The reality of being a growing brand means we are increasingly faced with the prospect of having to move production abroad, but it is important to us that we strive to stay true to our roots by producing as much as we can here in the UK.

From a design perspective being based in London we are lucky enough to be surrounded by in our opinion some of the most talented and creative people in the world,  which we feel definitely adds an edge to what we do.

Q. In the Elements collection, you have used minimal designs and coloring (hence the elements name I assume), can we expect more of this in the future or will we see drastic changes in the future?

As mentioned above it’s important that the ADYN DNA runs through everything we do. We do plan to develop the product through new fabrications, colors and prints but would also like to think that the aesthetic will remain familiar to the customer as the brand continues to evolve.

Just released is the ADAPT collection which features a huge range of clothes from a poncho to a utility windrunner. Where the ELEMENTS collection features earthly colors, this new collection is all black, white and grey. A nice change and a very nice collection to match.

You can check out the new collection at the ADYN website

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Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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