A Bathing Ape Celebrates 23rd Anniversary With New Collection

A Bathing Ape first began all the way back in 1993 when Nigo created it in Japan.

Since then it has become one of the world biggest streetwear brands and it is recognized worldwide. This year sees A Bathing Ape hit its 23rd birthday and there is no better way to celebrate it than a new line of products.

Not just any new line of products either; classic A Bathing Ape products re-worked in to gold color ways. So items such as the full zip-up Shark Hoodie have been kitted out with gold accents and patterns. The products make a nice change from the usual green camouflage we have become accustomed to seeing with A Bathing Ape, while maintaining the brands identity which is so great to see as the brand celebrates its birthday.

As well as the hoodie, there are shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts and a Baby Milo piggy bank. Oh, don’t forget the gold Bearbrick figure either.

All these items are available from April 2 in A Bathing Ape stores.

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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