Writer’s Roundtable: One Brand For The Rest of Your Life?

In an industry where the lines are beginning to get blurred between high end and streetwear, we attempt to answer the question “if you could wear one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Jonny Sheves: Stone Island


Stone Island: “A department capable of combining advanced technology, experience and human capacity, that over the years has developed more than 60,000 different dye recipes.” With such an expansive range of garments, why would one not select Stone Island to be the only brand they could wear for the rest of their life? Clean crewnecks, stand out membrana pull overs, a wide selection of high quality denims, partnered with full grain leather sneakers makes the Italian based brand a staple for high end fashion. Whether one wants to go for a casual, laid back approach with a logo tee and cargo shorts, or rock a long sleeve button down with chinos, the brand, who has recently opened up flagship stores worldwide in an attempt to further market their clothing, is the perfect option for anyone who wants to deck their wardrobe in simple, yet edgy clothing.

Jacob Montgomery: Nike


To only wear one brand forever would be a very difficult decision, but I would have to go with Nike. For a start, their brand has an enormous scope of products, from Nike SB to NikeLab and everything in between. The brand has come under some criticism as of late, but with the announcement this week of power-lacing coming later this year, the critics have quietened down. Also, perhaps the greatest thing about Nike is all the collaborations that they have done over the years and are sure to do in years to come. They have collaborated with so many brands including Supreme and Stone Island so you won’t get bored of Nike anytime soon. That’s what makes Nike the winner for me; the scope of the brand.

Will Mayer: James Perse


For me, choosing one brand to wear for the rest of my life is not at all difficult. Even now, I wear James Perse almost every day. It’s a nice clean and versatile look, as their pieces can go with just about anything. Although my favorite aspect of the brand is by far their rugged cotton t-shirts, they also create clothes in a range of categories. Whether it’s shoes or suits, they’ve got you covered and looking good. It’s seen as more of a high end fashion label, rather than a streetwear brand. Yet, it is still an essential brand both in my rotation and in the budding menswear industry as a whole. James Perse embodies my wardrobe with its minimalistic style.

Ankit Mehra: Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren has been the high point in menswear since its emergence in 1967. Encompassing basic pieces such as logo t-shirts, as well as a more high end scope through collections such as Purple Label, there is a reason that every day, regardless of the event, I tend to have at least one piece on from Ralph Lauren. While utilizing the idealized menswear look, Ralph Lauren has not been limited to their classic aesthetic, branching out into the current athleisure market with collections such as RLX or Polo Sport. Garnering a cult following through trends such as Polo Bear, the brand has cemented itself atop the menswear market in the United States, while also cementing itself atop my rankings of brands in fashion.



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