Kith Launches Year V Spring 1 Collection

Yesterday Kith launched the inaugural part of its Year V Spring collection.

Part 1 will release on three consecutive Fridays; starting yesterday. The first instalment comprises of the Clinton pullover in four colourways, the Saratoga shirt in both long and short sleeve and a collection of Kith re-purposed vintage Levi’s jeans.

A highlight of Part 1 is the Clinton Pullover in ‘Warm Grey’; the attention to detail is second to none and it looks to be a very nice piece for Spring.

For the Levi’s scheme, Kith have taken 75 pairs of Levi’s 500 series jeans (501, 505 and 520). They have then tailored them for a new fit, given them a light wash and finished them off by hand distressing them. The colours and sizes vary and they are only available in-store.

This nice start of Year V bodes well for the rest of the season, so be sure to check on the Kith NYC website here for the next two Fridays to see what else you might be able to get your hands on. But if you want any of those Levi’s then head down to a Kith store in either Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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