Writer’s Roundtable: Stylish Celebrities

As the world of fashion, specifically menswear, continues to blend into the worlds of hip-hop and sports, AWM sat down to outline some of the stylish celebrities in the current scope of pop-culture.

Magnus Allan: A$AP Nast


A$AP Nast, equally admired as a pioneer in the fashion game as he is for his lyrical talent, is currently tearing up the scene with his own rediscovery of the 90s. Accrediting Tupac in a recent XXL interview for his departure from the conventional to a more individual style, El Sucio Guapo is bringing back the long-forgotten practice of “stunting”: big branding on relatively basic or patterned garments, unique to the 90s. While breaking into high-end fashion with the iconic photo of him and A$AP Rocky wearing the Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Sneakers, we usually see Nast stick with his niche of rare Supreme, functional and understated Nike and Adidas, as well as vintage Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Jonathan Sheves: Nick Young


From Yeezy Boosts to Supreme Foamposites, Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young really does have it all. The 30-year-old basketball star has been spotted at many elite fashion related events such as the infamous Milan Fashion Week. He is no secret to the sneakerhead society, with the former Philadelphia 76er often stunting the most in demand apparel on social media, as well as filming videos with YouTube channels such as Complex, GQ, and Nice Kicks. Young’s impressive collection of sneakers is definitely not one that is kept hidden in the wardrobe as he has worn both the Black and Grey silhouettes of the Yeezy 750 Boost on court, as well as a multitude of Jordans. Keep it coming, Swaggy P.

Jacob Montgomery: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Olivier Rousteing

It wouldn’t be right to do a piece on celebrity fashion icons and not include Justin Bieber. The twenty-two year old musician has come a long way since he burst on to the scene back in 2007. He is currently the personification of streetwear style in many eyes. On a typical day he can be spotted in Yeezy 350 Boosts, Fear of God distressed jeans and an Off-White shirt. Pair all this up with a plethora of tattoos and a very individual haircut and you’ve got an eye-catching look indeed. For many he is at the top of the fashion game right now and it looks like his influence is going to only grow as time moves on.

Ankit Mehra: Kanye West


Where can we begin with hip-hop’s most polarizing and enigmatic character? Kanye West is the man everyone loves to hate, but in regards to his influence on fashion, West might be one of the most influential figures in the industry as of right now. In regards to his own style, West has brought brands such as Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God to the forefront of high end streetwear, while also incorporating both spectrums of fashion (streetwear to high end) into his wardrobe, wearing both Supreme and Balmain. From his Air Yeezy line with Nike to his Yeezy Season collections with Adidas, West has captivated an industry both with his personality and with his designs.

Ed Campbell: Slaves


British punk duo Slaves are the best dressed music act on the planet, away from the world of hip-hop. They effortlessly carry street wear aspects, and wavier brands like Burberry, whilst staying true to punk legacy with leather jackets and Doc Martens. Both Laurie and Isaac manage to pull off more difficult items such as white jeans and sleeveless tees with ease. Their shaven heads may have been a large part in why I decided to take the chop.

Will Mayer: A$AP Rocky


When A$AP Rocky started his work with the A$AP Mob ahead of Live. Love. A$AP in 2007, no one would have guessed his impact on the world of fashion today. Rocky helped introduce brands such as Pigalle to the mainstream market, which lead to the Parisian brands rise in the fashion industry at the same trajectory that Rocky did in music. Rocky also utilized lyricism in his music to influence the fashion industry as songs like Multiply fired shots at Shayne Oliver’s Hood by Air. Using his influence and fame in the music industry, A$AP Rocky has been able to create his own signature line with Guess, focusing on re-discovering 90s fashion, and cementing his name as a fashion icon in 2016. It looks as if Rocky truly is a fashion killa.



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