Portrait Proves Newcomers Cardiknox Are On The Rise

Dance-pop duo Cardiknox have all the makings of today’s Top 40 hitmakers, and their debut album, Portrait, is proof.

“It’s pop, but there are so many different elements,” explains Cardiknox frontwoman Lonnie Angle. “It’s indie, electronic, epic, cinematic, nostalgic, and even a little eighties-inspired.”

Cardiknox combines Angle’s electrifying vocals and vivacious stage presence with the experience and skills of multi-instrumentalist Thomas Dutton.

The result—Portrait, produced by GRAMMY Award-winner John Shanks, delivers a relatable, yet catchy sound that is on par to similar dance-pop musicians such as CHVRCHES or The Neighborhood.

“It’s very important for us to feel like what we’re doing matters in this world,” Dutton adds. “I’d love for everybody to feel empowered and know what they’re doing matters too.”


Portrait gets things shaking with “Earthquake,” an infectious pop anthem with the potential to makes its way to pop radio across the country.

The music video for their first single, “On My Way,” is very impressive. It was recorded entirely in one take and has already been dubbed “the best video of the year (so far),” according to Teen Vogue.

“When you’re pursuing something less traditional career-wise, there’s an interesting juxtaposition between yourself and your friends who have ‘normal jobs,’ are getting married, having kids, and buying houses,” Dutton said. “‘On my Way’ reaffirms that what we’re doing is the right thing for us. We can see where we want to be, and we’re on our way.”

Just listen to the song “Wild Child,” and you can almost picture Angle jumping out on the stage, and with a burst of pure energy screaming “I guess I’m just a wild child.”

But, not every song on Portrait is perfect for a party. “Into the Night” is either a the perfect pick-me-up after being dumped or some kind of ’80s synthpop nostalgia trip, or both. Either way, the album is sure to turn some heads.

Dutton and Angles first started performing under the moniker Cardiknox, back in 2013, and ever since then the buzz has continued to grow—as have their audiences across the globe.

They have even started to attract the attention of other artists, such as famed street muralist Tristen Eaton, who provided the artwork for the album, and Carly Rae Jepsen, who has invited Cardiknox to join her “Gimme Love” tour later this year.

Check out Cardiknox’s new album, Portrait, available now from Warner Brothers Records. For more information or for upcoming tour dates, visit cardiknox.com


Daniel Offner

Daniel Offner is a 28-year-old journalist aspiring to be a go-to source of music, arts and entertainment. Offner is the assistant editor of The Wave Newspaper in Rockaway, N.Y. He has past experience as an editor reporter, freelancer, contributor and columnist for several digital and print media publications around Queens, Long Island and Westchester County. The first album Offner can remember listening to as a child was 'Out of Time' by R.E.M. (1991/WMG) as well as various tracks from artists such as Van Morrison, Depeche Mode, Eric Clapton and the Red Hot Chili Peppers that were sprinkled throughout his days as a youth. A New York native, born and bred, Offner had his first encounter with "The World's Most Famous Arena" before he could even walk. This was what ultimately led Offner became a devout fan of the New York Rangers Hockey Club. His lifelong passion for the sport spans well beyond 1994, when the Rangers brought Lord Stanley's Cup back home to New York for the first time in more than 50 years.


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