Supreme Confirm New Paris Store To Open March 10

On March 9, Supreme New York confirmed that they will be opening a store in the center of Paris on March 10.

After months of speculation by websites, including ourselves, the rumors are finally banished by Supreme releasing the news on their website. You can read the statement from the Supreme website below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 19.35.20.png

As is custom with Supreme store openings, people are expecting a commemorative box logo t-shirt. We have seen leaked photos of the shelves for the opening day, but the design of the t-shirt is unclear. There was a box logo t-shirt given to everyone at the store opening party on the 10th march with a black box logo on the front and the text “Bonjour Madame” accompanied by the opening date on the back.

Photos of the friends and family t-shirt can be seen below:

Set to work in the store is Angelo Blaque, along with a number of famous Parisian skaters including the likes of Kevin Rodrigues, Vincent Touzery, Damien Bulle, Valentin Jutant. Some of these have been working in the London store over recent weeks to learn the ropes of how to run a Supreme store.

The final photos of the store from the Supreme website are below. The address of the store is 20 Rue Barbette, 75003 Paris, France. It opens on the March 11 at 11 a.m..


Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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