Justin Bieber Releases Vintage Themed Tour Merchandise

After announcing his Purpose world tour last November, Justin Bieber dropped the official tour merchandise ahead of his first show in Seattle last night. This merchandise will be available online and also at all 114 shows.

The tour merchandise is a great reflection of Bieber’s newfound self in menswear and new approach to music. Black and white seem to be the principal colors, with a few hints of red and camouflage. A few plain back hoodies with “Purpose”, “World Tour” and “Bieber”, written in either red or white gothic font show that this merchandise was inspired by a vintage rock and roll theme.


The bomber jacket also presents that with just a simple face portrait of Bieber on the back Bieber seems to also have taken inspiration from other brands such as Off-White, with a very similar camouflage jacket.


The denim jacket also emphasizes the vintage rock look. However the staff coach jacket seems a lot more recent yet still has the gothic style writing on the back. The merchandise also includes a lot of black and white tees, one of them being sleeveless.


This new merchandise seems to be trying to balance Bieber’s old followers with his newer, more mature, supporters.

Sebastian Fortineau


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