Supreme Set To Open Store in Paris

We are currently in the third week of the Supreme S/S 16 Season and the rumors have been circulating for weeks now that Supreme will be opening its new Paris store on the 10th March; this Thursday.

The rumors first began last July when inside sources leaked that Supreme would be opening a store in Paris for the 2016 Spring Summer season.

But why Paris?

Paris is considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world. If not the capital, it is easily in the top four alongside London, New York and Milan. So it makes sense for Supreme to open there. It also is logical because Europe has been severely lacking in Supreme stores; the only one being in London. This is a stark contrast to Japan with six stores, three of which are located in Tokyo alone. America has two stores, New York and Los Angeles, which probably serve the country about right.

As is custom with Supreme store openings; people are expecting a new Supreme box logo t-shirt to accompany the store opening. When London opened we received a Union Jack box logo tee, Los Angeles gave us Hebrew and of course don’t forget that Shibuya box logo. This is amongst all the other stores we have seen given box logos.

But with Supreme about to open another store, it makes you ask the question, where will the next store be after this one? Well perhaps Toronto would be a logical choice, after all a lot of Supreme products are made in Canada. Also, Canada is very similar to America in its fashion and so there is clearly high demand there for Supreme (although there is high demand for Supreme nearly everywhere).

If Supreme wasn’t to choose Canada then a central European store such as Milan would be my best guess.

The address of the Supreme Paris store is 20 Rue Barbette, 75003 Paris, France

Jacob Montgomery

Jacob is a student at University of Bristol and likes to write about current streetwear news.


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