Images of Unreleased Yeezy 550 Boost Surface

Images of the much anticipated Yeezy 550 Boost have finally surfaced online.

Rapper French Montana took to Instagram to upload a video of the sought after kicks, alongside Kanye West himself, just before they took the studio to record a video for their newest track: “Figure It out”.

The Moroccan born musician told his Instagram followers: “These ain’t never coming out so don’t even think about it,” but with the craze and chaos that has been caused by the demand of the shoe, you never really know.

Another picture of the all-white shoe was later posted on Instagram by user @YeezyBoost.

Unreleased Yeezy Boosts 🔰

A post shared by YEEZY BOOSTS (@yeezyboosts) on

The silhouette brags a significantly higher top than that of the 350 design, but doesn’t necessarily reach the measures of the previously released 750 shoe. There is also a slight difference when it comes to the sole or “boost” of the shoe, with it looking slightly bulkier and of translucent design – similar to the Brown 750s that decked the online forums this weekend.

Although the Yeezy 550 Boost is expected to be a new silhouette alongside the Yeezy 1050 Boost in Kanye West’s newest Yeezy Season 3, we will have to wait and see if this specific all-white design hits retailers.

Jonathan Sheves

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but raised in London, England, Jonny Sheves had no choice but becoming a Football (or soccer) fanatic. He has owned a season ticket at Chelsea since he was 6, and follows his team domestically and internationally, by going to all of the teams Away games. Apart from being an avid Chelsea fan, as well as following major European Football, Sheves has developed an interest in the ever-growing MLS, specifically, the new franchise, NYCFC. Follow him on twitter @jsheves.


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