Writer’s Roundtable: Palace S/S 16

With Palace Skateboards set to drop its newest Spring/Summer collection, our writers got together to discuss their favorite pieces ahead of the release.

Jacob Montgomery: Placae T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 22.13.20

This t-shirt is the embodiment of Palace’s spirit in my eyes. It has the classic Tri-Ferg logo that has made Palace so famous over the years, but with a typical twist as to be expected. The fact that Palace call out the Taiwanese fakes on their website just shows that they can shamelessly make money even from something that would have supposedly reduced their income. If I had to pick a second favorite piece, it would be the P-Bum long sleeve. All in all, gully garms.

Jonathan Sheves: Flocka Hood

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 22.14.31

Although the basic “Tri-Feg” design is one that is frequently used by the brand on numerous templates, Palace really hit the spot with this one. The Flocka hood is exactly what is needed going in to the spring and summer months; a clean, nonchalant design that still allows one to quote on quote: “flex”. The white on white hoodie, perfectly branded with the infamous “P” logo on the front already looks to be a fan favorite on the various forums, and will be a definite cop for me.

Ankit Mehra: Pally-Pal Hoodie


As Palace Skateboards gear up for their Spring/Summer ’16 collection, I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by the overall collection. One major exception to that was the Pally Pal hoodie that caught my attention due to it’s retro design. From a textual and color essence, the piece resembles that of British youth culture in the late twentieth century, while also boasting homage to the brands British roots. Palace really knocked this one out of the park in terms of staying true to their roots, I consider this hoodie one of the strongest pieces to arise out of the collection.



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