A$AP Mob, Guess Set To Bring Back 90s Styles in New Collaboration

In an exciting time for the A$AP Mob where Wavy Wednesdays are taking off, Yamborghini High was released in it’s entirety, and A$AP Ferg’s album is set to release at any moment, the mob’s first foray into fashion is set to begin when their Guess collaboration releases in the EU on Monday, March 7.

Putting an emphasis on logo inspired t-shirts (both long and short), as well as staples such as varsity jackets and denim shirts, the collaboration is minimalistic, while still bold in its collaborative approach. The collection truly is a representation of 90s street fashion.

Small details such as the letter S in Guess being replaced by the dollar sign associated with the A$AP Mob are striking points from this collaboration.

The collaboration hit stores in the United States in February, but is scheduled to release on March 7 in Europe, while pre-sales began on January 30th, 2016. The collection is set to be priced from $34 up to $228 depending on the pieces.

Speaking on Ebro In The Morning, A$AP Rocky had this to say about the collection. “You know how influential Guess was for hip-hop culture in the ‘90s… people forget about that, just like how people forget about your Big Daddy Kanes, your Slick Ricks, etc. It definitely had a big influence on that era in terms of urban society.”

Rocky is right.

Guess was a large part of 90s fashion. The streetwear industry began to boom when brands such as Supreme or Stussy entered the market, but Guess remained a staple, that is until they crashed.

Still popular hip-hop artist Nas rapped on Affirmative Action “Queens where my drugs be, I wear Guess jeans and rugbies”. This was the generation of Guess. Talking to Highsnobiety, Rocky further talked about the pop-cultural significance of Guess in the 1990s, citing popular movie Menace II Society as an example. “You remember that corner-store scene in Menace II Society? What kind of shirt was he wearing? The answer is Guess, of course,” Rocky said.

Incorporating stars such as Anna Nicole Smith, while also putting out consumer demand products such as light wash denim, Guess surged to the top, only to fall at a drastic level. In an era where any brand, such as Zara or ASOS, could re-produce the same content Guess was putting out, competition drove them out of their own market.

Now, a decade after their demise, Guess are re-thinking their approach, expect this time it involves bringing back those pieces that made the brand who they were in the 90s, and to some extent, re-shaped the then ever changing, multifaceted scope of fashion.

Denim jackets, striped t-shirts, light wash denim, big logos, you name it, Guess has brought it back for this Renaissance capsule collection. Much like the Adidas Stan Smith that has had a recent resurgence, so much so that Raf Simons has a running collaboration with the model, Guess are simply re-inventing the past.

No longer are the days where Guess would turn to artists such as Tiësto to attempt a revitalization through appealing to today’s youth, instead, they are collaborating with thresholds that hold value in a previous generation.

Growing up in 1990s Harlem, the A$AP Mob is made up of artists who saw Karl Kani, Guess, Supreme and various other brands take over New York City in the 90s. That influence has crafted that latest collection, and brought back Guess back into the spotlight again.


Ian Connor, a social media phenom and a close friend of A$AP Bari and the A$AP Mob, has had an attachment and influence to the collaboration since it’s early days and that co-sign alone has prompted further buzz regarding the capsule collection. But, that spark is also affecting the brand as a whole as popular pop-culture figures such as model Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing Guess as of late.

Whether it be a Renaissance or simply just wise marketing strategies from the 1980s and 1990s staple brand, Guess is being revitalized through bringing back their old guard of denim and basics inspired clothing, but incorporating a new aesthetic that is the A$AP Mob and other relatable collaborators. They’re back on the rise, but will the sudden re-awakening last?

Ankit Mehra

Having grown up in the bustling streetwear and hip-hop melting pot that is New York, and more recently being exposed to the rising streetwear and grime scenes of London, Ankit encompasses the transatlantic culmination of pop culture that AWM preaches. As a co-founder of the site, Ankit's aim is to produce content across all spectrums of hip-hop and fashion.


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